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Birthdate:Feb 8
Location:Manila, Philippines
♥my world is yours♥

About me

Mostly random and often crazy.

What I like

I'm your average japanophile. I love anime, j-dramas, JE (haha! XD), j-pop, j-rock, japanese food and language.

My idols

NEWS, of course! (+ my new baby :3)
#1 Yamashita Tomohisa!
#1.5 Jin Akanishi! (ahaha~~ :3)
#2 Keiichiro Koyama!
#3 Ryo Nishikido!
#4 Shigeaki Kato!
#5 Yuya Tegoshi!
#6 Takahisa Masuda!

My OTPs are akame and ryopi. (yes, I am still biased. LOL)
Anyway, my other JE idols are KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 (I loooove Maru-chan! <3) and Tokio (Nagase Tomoya!).Outside JE, I love listening to BREAKERZ (Daigo!), SCANDAL, Bump of Chicken, SNSD and BIGBANG (Tae Yang).
My fave J-celebs are Erika Toda and Shun Oguri and I have a love-hate relationship with Keiko Kitagawa. XD
Feel free to add me, just be aware of my random flails and occasional rants. I love making friends with people from the same fandom. :D
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